January 20, 2012

Is online poker legal?

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First of all, I apologize for my late post. I have been off due to some personal problems, so please forgive me about that.

Now that all things have completely changed in online poker industry and much to surprise that department of justice(DOJ) has excluded online poker from UIGEA wire act rule, it is something awesome news I have come across.

If that news is poping up, then it means online poker is legal in United States, it also means online poker transactions can be done.

In the statement, James Cole made a comment, US Deputy Attorney General stated that “The Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (“OLC”) has analyzed the scope of the Wire Act, 18 U.S.c § 1084, and concluded that it is limited only to sports betting.”

These are the words spoken out from DOJ official. It means legalizing online poker could be any time soon in US and we are also seeing some US states coming forward for it.


September 14, 2011

Hungry to implement taxes on online poker

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The news coming straight from the government of Hungry that they would be taxing online gambling from 2012 onwards. The representative of the bill, Matolcsy added that taxing online poker, casinos would be a tough task. But any how things will be properly organized in order to do so.

Matolcsy further confirmed that the government plans to raise the gambling tax on gaming machines from November 1, 2011. The bill has already been placed on to the table.

April 19, 2011

Poker biggies shuts down

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The on going UIGEA rules in US proved very effective for justice dept as the FBI has cracked down major online poker rooms such as Fulltiltpoker, Pokerstars, Absolutepoker and UB . The respective domains of those rooms were seized along with the bank accounts and player’s funds.

The arrest warrants were issued against the 11 owners of the online poker rooms. Currently the owners of full tilt and poker stars are settled in Isle of Man and the US FBI is taking the help of foreign government officials and Interpol to track them down.

Once the owners are arrested there could be a fine of more than $3billion, 5 years in prison. Another 20 years imprisonment for illegal wire act and 30 years for money laundering act.

One of the full tilt poker’s representative said in an interview that “we have operated legally in the US and we have not committed any crime by accepting US players, we adhere to rules and regulations while operating in US.

Meanwhile the investigation is still going on and the time will tell about the future of these poker room but the current situation looks very dangerous for them.

March 16, 2011

Nevada to set rules for online poker

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Soon after New Jersey’s governor declined the legalization of online poker in the state, now the state of Nevada has taken the initiative of legalizing internet gambling at state level.

The state law makers are reluctant to pass the online poker legislation bill in order to grab the multi-billion dollar market.

Recently, that is on Thursday, the members of the Assembly introduced the gambling legalization bill that allows gambling regulators to frame strict and proper rules for operators and companies.

One of the Reid’s spokesperson , Zac Petkanas, gave a statement that “if the federal government doesn’t act to regulate online poker, then states will try to do so,” .

December 23, 2010

Ladbrokes may acquire 888 group

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Ladbrokes, one of the UK’s leading online gambling firm is looking to buy out Gibraltar based online casino group,888.com and the talks are certainly going on between the two firms. Later, the news of take over was confirmed by the Ladbroke’s officer.

Ladbrokes management stated that the deal is still under initial stages and the offer has been made to the concern party. But as said the deal is still in preliminary stages and its not certain that the deal will be closed with acquisition.

The news of acquisition will certainly boost the share prices of Ladbrokes PLC .

November 30, 2010

PartyGaming sees future in U.S

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Many of us know that New Jersey, one of the U.S states has recently legalized online gambling. The voting was done in the senate with 29/5 votes, which passed the online gambling bill with ease.

Now that the gambling bill is passed in the local state senate, now its time for the bill to get cleared in the local assembly and then signed by the Governor. Many of the politicians are very confident that the bill will pass the assembly and signed into law by the governor as the important aspect of bill was to get passed in the senate which is already accomplished.

With this event many online gambling firms are jumping to enter the first US legalized gambling state. And who could be the first most enthusiastic gambling firm its no other then PartyGaming, which is eagerly waiting to step into the American soil after many years of losing huge business since 2006 October.

Two online poker giants, PokerStars and FullTiltPoker have been in the US market ever since they started off without even caring about the new law in US, which bans all forms of online poker games.

Now, the things are looking to get better for online gambling as more US states will follow the New Jersey’s footsteps.

October 7, 2010

Romania internet gambling bill got rejected

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Online gambling has been heating up these days among the European nations. The truth behind this is more likely the lure of tax revenues from this activity rather than initiatives from the European Commission (EC). Every EU nations no matter France, German, Sweden, Italy is forming their own legislation for taxing gambling companies.

Now, Romania is yet another EU nations whic is trying their best to legalize online gambling but seems to be less fruitful.

Recently, the country, Romanian draft bill that legalize online gambling was the latest to be votted by the EC and unfortunately it has failed. The EC has issued a detailed statement pointing out those provisions of the proposal are not compatible with European Union (EU) law.

The reason stated by the EU commission is that The ban on marketing and advertising activities for EU listed companies that are not authorized in Romania has been termed discriminatory and hence not acceptable.

September 17, 2010

Online gambling boost in UK

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Despite many negative press for online gambling industry, there hasn’t been any slow down in that field. The recent news updated that there has been an increase of more than 40% in online gamblers in the UK with record number of players signing up every day to their favorite online poker and casino rooms.

According to a research document, 3.2 million people joined online gambling, surpassing big social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

PartyPoker, the leading internet gambling company of UK has reported a registration of 8,72,000 players and hope to see more in coming months and Party Casino’s site also saw an extra 1.2 million players.

Middle aged men make up the bulk of the UK online gambling public (46%).

“While the phenomenal growth in gambling sites over the last two yeas have been driven by men and women of all ages, it appears to be powered particularly by middle aged men, the well-educated and high earning households,” said a research reports from a well main source.

July 10, 2010

A signature away from banning online gambling in North Carolina

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Online gambling has become the most discussed topic these days with France legalizing it, US banning it and other nations thinking to ban or up lift it.

In a recent case, North Carolina, one of the US states have passed a bill banning all stakes on computers. Now the gambling bill is just a sign away from implementation.

If Governor, Beverly Perdue signs the bill, Internet and sweepstakes cafes will be forced to shut down by Dec. 1.

Things are certainly not going in favor of online gambling as California state which was looking to legalize gambling, stepped back and planning to re introduce the bill once again and in the state of New Jersey the bill is halted.

June 16, 2010

FIFA world cup to boost UK’s online gambling revenues

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According to recent market research, United Kingdom is going to benefit the most as the betting business is going to make killing during the FIFA world cup season. The revenue is expected to reach 1 billion pounds.

UK is the hub of online gambling and betting of 1 billion pounds will certainly break many records and intern see online gambling growing.

But gamblers are seemingly not just backing England, bets are going on a whole variety of teams, matches and outcomes.

“We anticipate one-billion-pounds being gambled industry-wide, and the further England go in the tournament, it’s more likely that this figure will be comfortably surpassed.

Online betting is huge market and will certainly see a whooping amount of punters coming in .

June 1, 2010

UIGEA rule to be implemented today.

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Today, is the biggest day for online gambling industry in the United States, as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) rule will be implemented, banning all forms of payment transfers to online gambling accounts.

It has been 3 plus long years for the law to get implemented, since it was passed in year 2006, October. But the question still exist, whether banks and other financial institutions will obey UIGEA rule?, as it is still not clear what kind of transactions are to banned.

American Banking Association (ABA), clearly denied that they could follow UIGEA rule, because it is impossible to halt gambling transaction among millions of transactions that take place in a day. Which transactions are illegal and which are not cannot be easily defined.

As the UIGEA rule is getting implemented today, the negative impact will be seen on the gambling industry.

December 4, 2009

UIGEA has to wait now

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UIGEA, the rule which can make online gambling industry dead was suppose to be passed on 1st December, but was further extended to another 6 months.

UIGEA rules are not clearly defined and US treasury dept has taken another 6 months to fully implement the law. Banks and other financial institutions said that we won’t take UIGEA until unless proper definition is given as to what type of gambling is illegal and legal.

Barney Frank has also introduced its online gambling legalization bill and hearing is set to be discussed in house. Frank’s bill kicked UIGEA’s back and would set up a new forms of legislation to online gambling industry.

Many congressman are interested in seeing online gambling to be properly legalized with safeguarding minors and families with proper age verification methods.

September 19, 2009

Online casino money seized again.

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The fight between internet gambling and US govt is heating up with yet another case poping up regarding internet gambling money seizure.

This time, banks such as Citi bank and Bank of America has come under scanner. The reports are coming up that US government has seized $30 million internet gambling funds at Citi and BOA banks.

The seizure warrants were issued by the courts in Maryland and New York. Neither of these states prohibit online gambling yet the courts recently deemed the legal issues surrounding online gambling to be the responsibility of the state.

Recently, the US govt has seized millions of dollars in internet gambling funds and the case is still pending for a decision in court.

July 20, 2009

PartyGaming buys out cashcade.

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Talks were going on as to which company will acquire cashcade and the top two bidders were 888.com and Party Gaming plc , but at the end Party Gaming clinched it from 888.com

Cashcade company owns very famous brands such as Foxybingo, Getminted and other famous portals. Now all these major brands will run under Party gaming’s empire.

The company, Cashcade was created in the year 2000 and has grown steadily since. The majority of firm’s shares are owned by the staff and it’s directors. In 2008 the company delivered exceptional value for the investment with a GBP 12 million return on estimated revenues of GBP 45 million.

Party has been trying to acquire some big reputed online gambling firms in order to pace up their revenues and come back strong against rivals, poker stars and full tilt and party is doing so.

The UK times reported that Party Gaming acquired cashcade for whooping 100 million pounds which will help them in their expansion plan.

June 11, 2009

US banks blocking online gambling payments.

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Online gambling is always a hot field where some thing or other happens.

Now the fresh news is coming up that US government has ordered few major banks to block online gambling payments.

John Pappas, director of Poker Player Alliance (PPA) confirmed that $30 million in winnings which belongs to US players has been blocked by the banks. According to UIGEA playing poker online, betting and other online gambling activities are purely illegal.

I always think that why US government is trying to snatch away their own people’s liberty and privacy.

April 7, 2009

Sweden can block online gambling sites

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Sweden government is trying to censor internet by blocking online gambling sites and protect its local gambling companies.

It has been years since Sweden is trying to catch hold of internet gambling industry, but now they seems to be very serious in terms of censoring online gambling portals.

If the law passes in the Swedish parliament, then no Swedish citizens can play poker online or casino’s.

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the report has faced some heavy criticism, as Swedish ISP’s and authorities have largely condemned the proposal.

People of Sweden proposed not to censor foreign gambling sites as its not illegal to gamble and further stated that government is trying to flourish their own local gambling firms.

Guys will post later….

January 31, 2009

PlayTech Revenue Soars

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This seems to be a surprise news for every one. Till now we heard that companies are badly effected with on going current crunch and some companies going bankrupt. This is the first time and after long time we are hearing a company making healthy revenues.

The online gambling software maker, PlayTech has announced a rise in their revenues for the quarter at €31.5 million, up 52% from 2007’s fourth quarter.

PlayTech is known for making quality gaming software.

Playtech enhanced its European exposure recently when it entered the regulated Italian poker market at the end of December. While the venture was a late fourth-quarter addition, Playtech stated that early results indicate that “the Italian poker network has proven to be significantly revenue enhancing and above management’s expectations.”

November 20, 2008

PartyGaming looking dull

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Party Gaming seems to be struggling due to current market crunch and business cut off from United States two years back.

During rosy days, Party Gaming brand was worth £7 billion and was the world’s largest and number one online poker room, but today, Party Gaming slipped way down and even ipoker network overtook party.

Today Party has slipped to fourth in the internet poker league table, is worth less than £400 million and is seeking merger partners to beef up its dwindling player pool.

Party Gaming official spoke to one of the news reporter and said that things right now are not looking good but certainly due to new elected president of United States (Obama), things are looking bright for future perspective.

We are in talks with dept of justice and we are heading towards positive deal with DOJ.

PartyGaming also reported a 15 per cent fall in poker revenues to $65 million (£43.2 million).

November 1, 2008

PokerRoom.com closing its affiliate program

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PokerRoom.com and Europoker.com has finally given away due to current financial crisis as they are going to close their affiliate portal namely PokerAffiliate.com .

From next month onwards Poker room and Euro poker will not be accepting any new players for PokerAffiliate.com .

The owner of bith the room has stated that “As the owner of EuroPoker.com and PokerRoom.com, the bwin group has now decided to centre its Affiliate Marketing efforts on bwin.com, the most successful and best converting of its brands”.

Affiliates will continue earning commission for users referred before the 1st December 2008 and receive their payments as usual in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Marketing Agreement with PokerAffiliate.com. Your account at PokerAffiliate.com will remain fully accessible and regulated.

September 23, 2008

KY governor after online gambling domains

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To be very frank and honest, this is not a good news at all for online gambling industry. U.S Kentucky state governor, Steve Beshear is trying all his efforts to crack down online gambling industry  in order to boost offline local casinos and legal online horse betting.

Governor added that, he has filed the case at Franklin County Circuit Court, asking to give permission to take control of all the 141 online gambling domains which includes major ones such as Fulltiltpoker.com, Pokerstars.com, Bodoglife.com and doylesroom.com .

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday before Judge Thomas Wingate.

The governor said that online gambling are leeches in the community and should be taken off, they aren’t contributing anything to tax dept nor attracting foreign tourism as done by offline casino’s.

Kentucky, home to the Kentucky Derby, already has a state lottery and allows gambling at horse tracks and bingo halls. Blocking internet gambling sites in Kentucky would “protect the signature industry,” Beshear said.

September 10, 2008

Phelps to help online poker industry’s growth

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If you guys have no idea as to who is Michael Phelps, then I am sorry to say that your awareness is way too low.  Phelps is world famous swimmer and the only  Olympian to grab 8 gold medals.

Phelps, gained massive popularity in sports and in the eyes of people. Phelps is now promoting one of the major online poker room, Doyles room and according to some source, owner of the Doyles poker room is teaching Phelps as how to play online poker and how to become professional player.

Apart from gaming industry, many other multinational companies are backing Phelps to promote their product and services. The swimmer who was not famous among girls is now becoming charm among beauties.

July 18, 2008

Another Internet Gambling Bill Introduced

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Recently, congressman Barney Frank introduced internet gambling bill, which was defeated in house by heavy margin .  If the bill had passed it would   legalized all forms of payment systems such as credit cards, e-wallets, banking checks etc.

Now, Rep  Jim Mcdermott introduced a new bill in Capitol House, stating that  taxing internet gambling could generate heavy amount and that amount could be used for economic and for welfare development of the country.

McDermott, a Democrat representing Washington, introduced the bill on Tuesday with two cosponsors: Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.)

June 27, 2008

Ladbrokes Poker Dominates UK Market

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According to Hitwise, online gambling company Ladbrokes has taken majority of online poker market share in U.K and growing consistently.  The company has done well through all their advertising and marketing efforts such as email web based and offline advertising.

The billionth hand dealt on the site was celebrated by giving away over $300 000 of World Series of Poker prizes in one of the largest ‘one off’ freerolls ever.

Ladbrokes poker stated that they are looking forward to increase their market share further by improved software features and other innovations.

May 23, 2008

Poker Stars Goes Offline

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Poker Stars, worlds most reputed online poker room goes offline by launching their first ever live poker room at macau in Grand Waldo Hotel, which can accommodate 250 people at once.

The first poker tournament will be held for charity purpose, in order to donate all funds for the victims of earth quake in Western China.

May 7, 2008

Denmark To End Its Monopoly On Gambling.

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In the past few months, things are going good for online gambling market. Firstly, French authorities are looking in a good mood to give green signal to online gambling, French suppose to be the biggest market for online gambling firms. Secondly, Poland is planning to legalize gambling as well followed by Denmark. So what that means every EU country is coming closer to legalizing online gambling.

Danish market is one such market where people gamble a lot and Danish people are well known for money and wealth. Danish govt is planning to end it gambling  monopoly and will soon allow other foreign gambling firms to operate in their jurisdiction.

April 25, 2008

French Still Thinking Of Legalizing Online Gambling.

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Online gambling has been one of the most heated discussion in France. Due to massive amount of pressure on French authorities from EU commission  in order to enforce internet gambling in the nation. Currently, only local gambling firms which are licensed under French law has right to operate over there no foreign gambling firms are allowed till date, but may change says EU commission.

Now is up to Prime Minister of France as to whether to pass on legal online gambling in France.  According to the report Prime Minister Francois Fillon’s office is currently handling the issue and considering a study commissioned last November and handed in recently to government.

April 17, 2008

E-passporte Says Bye To Online Gambling Transactions.

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E-passporte, one of the major online payment processors says good bye to US market and will no more accepts online gambling related transactions. It was a major blow to the online gambling portals like Full Tilt, Poker Stars, cake poker who were allowing their players to deposit funds through e-passporte.

First it was Neteller to withdraw their business from US market and now its e-passporte to follow their foot steps. Now what, the question is, will the e-passporte’s decision effects massively to online gambling industry or whether online gambling portals brings in some other funding options.

April 4, 2008

Grab $1.8 Million At Pkr Poker.

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Pkr poker is offering a massive tournament prize money of $1.8 million to its players, this is one of the biggest tournament Pkr has ever launched. Apart from guaranteeing $1.8 million to play every month and it also includes $1,00,000 in pkr masters.

One can also grab prestigious WSOP 2008 main event seat through pkr poker, PKR has 12 packages up for grabs worth $12,500 each for this year’s Main Event.Best of all, you can grab one for as little as 35 ents! Check out our qualifying schedule now and go for the glory.

March 29, 2008

China’s Online Gambling Market.

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China’s internet gaming market is experiencing a massive growth despite many hurdles created by the Govt to avoid internet gambling from Chinese public. MMORPGs saw revenue CAGR of 100 percent over the last five years, yet this is still an under-penetrated market.

According to a local Chinese newspaper, China is planning to regulate online gambling in the near future and may change its stance in regards to internet gaming.

March 18, 2008

South Africa Closing Towards Legal Online Gambling.

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South Africa has moved another step forward towards legalizing online gambling in the country. The bill to regulate and legalize Internet Gambling gained momentum, According to a local newspaper at South Africa, online gambling  bill went to the Select Committee of National Provinces on Wednesday.

Once the committee is done with it, it will be tabled in the National Assembly for final approval. At present Internet Gambling is not legal in South Africa.

March 5, 2008

Pkr Poker Overtakes Ladbrokes And Betfair.

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According to poker scout website Pkr Poker overtook Ladbrokes and Betfair in regards to players. Pkr is now 17th largest gaming firm in the online gaming industry.

Pkr’s marketing head Simon stated that “PKR.com has experienced an incredible growth ever since their launch in August, 2006.”  In a very short span of time that is 18 months, Pkr has become a very competitive site, with 10 000 concurrent players in action at peak time.

March 4, 2008

52% Rise In Profit For Paddy Power.

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The famous Irish betting group ‘Paddy Power’ showed a handsome increase in their net profits about 52% increase. Paddy Power a local Irish company is showing a tremendous growth in Ireland due to massive advertisement and marketing.

Dublin based firm showed a wooping €62.8 million in net profit, up from €41.2 million a year earlier. Its betting volume rose 13 percent to €2.03 billion,  led by increased online business.

February 25, 2008

Online Bingo To Be Focused By Gambling Operators.

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Online Bingo games is slowly gaining its popularity along with major online games like poker and casino’s, very soon major gambling operators are expecting to increase their spendings on online Bingo ads.

The gambling groups have started to offer online bingo games to its players and also heard that, the gambling firms started acquiring old bingo websites for promotions and other forms of advertising.

Ladbrokes the UK’s biggest gambling firm has recently shown major interest in acquiring Parlay Entertainment, which just happens to be a Bingo specialist.

February 18, 2008

Bulgaria Gives Green Signal To Online Gambling.

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Bulgarian coalition govt has agreed to give online gambling a legal position in their country. The country will regularize and license online gambling.

The regulations were agreed during the two-day closed debate held in the town of Hisarya and also include a change in the structural plan of the country’s state lottery to expand the distribution network allowing more companies to sell tickets.

So, another good news for online gaming industry. :))

February 9, 2008

Bodog Applies For U.K Gambling License.

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‘Bodog’, a well known online gambling group has recently applied for the UK gambling license in order to improve their market share in European countries.

UK’s local paper had pin pointed on Calvine Ayre, the CEO of Bodog that he operated illegaly in United States, despite online gambling banned in America. In reply Ayer has to say this “We have licenses from sovereign governments to do what we do that’s how it works on every other industry on the planet.” He further added that bodog do accepts betting from US but his company never operated there.

February 1, 2008

EU Pin Points German And Swedish Gambling Laws.

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Both Germany and Sweden banned online gambling for those companies which operated outside their borders and focused to develop their own local gaming companies.

The motive behind banning online gambling by these companies were not liked by EU, and perhaps made EU to take action against these two countries. Recently EU high commission has sent a formal letter and wanted to know the reason behind this, as it was against EU free trade services law.

EU commission is pressurizing these two countries to lift the ban against internet gambling, and had given two months for the justification.

January 27, 2008

Online Gambling May Return To France.

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A new hope for online gambling industry in French market has arise after the talks between EU commission and French Authorities.  EU commission has stated that France is breaching the law of free trade between EU states and must allow foreign gambling sites to operate in French market.

The French government has indicated following discussions with the European Commission a willingness to look at and possibly propose a regulated regime for the provision of online gambling and betting”.

Hefuther added that a French civil servant will “be drafting a report for sometime before the summer, which will provide a sort of background on the industry and most likely make some suggestion as to how to accommodate and legalize an online gambling market in France.”

January 23, 2008

Is Finland Trying To Ban Online Gambling?

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According to a local Finnish news paper, Finland govt is trying to put a ban on internet gambling, things are not yet cleared as to how to implement the ban, but some sources says that if a player bet online he or she can force the bank or the gaming company website to return the whole money that player looses.

It means player can claim back their looses, which directly makes gaming websites to stop accpeting Finnish players. We have also come to know that now Minister of Culture and Sports Stefan Wallin has come out in favor of introducing national online poker for Finland.

Local online poker site which means local benefits, money not to be out sourced to foreign gaming companies, ultimately knows as monopoly.

January 14, 2008

Pkr Poker Hits The 10,000 Player Mark.

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Ever since Pkr.com , the worlds most reputed online 3d poker launched in the year 2006, they never looked back. According to a research report pkr poker has achieved the significant 10,000 simultaneous players level after only 18 months of operations.

The 10 000 user barrier was breached on the evening of Sunday January 6 according to independent statistics.

December 11, 2007

Poker Stars Launches Apple Version Software.

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World’s largest online poker room, ‘Poker Stars’ has come up with their newly Apple version of software. This move will surely attracts lot’s of Macintosh players online and drive more traffic to their sites.

Poker stars is the only poker room after full tilt  which accepts US players and definitely wants to increase their player base. Poker stars has been testing  their new software since long time in order to get a perfect feedback from the users.

The version will be similar to the current Windows users. The only difference will be the new Preferred Seat, feature and Layout Manager.

October 26, 2007

24% Up In Revenue For PartyGaming

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U.K’s public listed and one of the most reputed online gambling firm “PartyGaming” showed a 24% growth in their revenues despite loosing major American market. Percentage of revenues  came from casino’s, sports betting and then comes poker.

PartyGaming 3rd quarter net revenue totaled up $115.7 million that is £56.4 million in their local currency. The future of PartyGaming seems to be bright  says the chief of the firm.

PartyGaming achieved average daily revenue of $1.26 million (£614,512) during the third quarter period.

The online gaming company further added that the number of new player sign ups was still 43%  ahead of the same nine-month period in 2006.

October 15, 2007

PartyGaming On Sale

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PartyGaming brand that holds many child companies under its belt like Party Poker, Party Bingo, Party Bets, Party Gammon has announced that they are interested in selling their company (PartyGaming), if they get a good offer.

According to source they are in talks with Las Vegas casino the big land based casino room in United States. But the question over here is if Las Vegas goes a head and buy’s PartyGaming,  will these business men’s will force the U.S govt to legalize internet gambling or allowing banks and credit cards companies to accept bets online?. Who knows anything can happened.

PartyGaming lost more than 80% of their revenues due to UIGEA in United States which forced them too to stop accepting bets from American players.

September 26, 2007

Playersonly Poker Room Review

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Worlds biggest poker room’s like Party Poker and Pacific Poker may have stopped accepting U.S players but the fastest growing poker room “playersonly” is still accepting U.S players, established in the year 2006 on cake poker network with software designed by some reputed poker players with excellent graphics and a really great playing experience.

Playersonly room established on cake poker network is well known for juicy competition. They do accept U.S credit cards deposits. The playersonly poker room has grown extremely well over a period of time with very less competition in games, so it makes player’s to win cash or prizes at their fingure tips coz majority of players are rookies.

When we put a close eye on software and graphic’s, they are excellent and amazing and it makes one very comfortable while playing poker online. the software displayses :- 1) table stats, 2) quick play, 3) multi-table ability for over ten tables simultaneously and other interesting features.

Playersonly poker room offers sign up bonus of 100% upto $650 for every players that open a real money account and a 10% reload bonus every time an existing player make a deposit.

Getting towards their customer support they have one of the best support in the gaming industry with 24/7 ( round the clock) e-mail, chat and phone support

September 19, 2007

WTO May Force U.S To Legalise Internet Gambling.

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According to Newsweek article,  United States have to legalize online gambling in order to solve the word trade matter and getting billions of dollars fine and export sanctions.

The article,  further added that if the American govt does not resolve the trade dispute other countries may gain the ability to sell billions of dollars of pirated movies, music and computer software without paying the copyright owners.

So, this could be a danger jing bell for US govt.

September 10, 2007

Pacific Poker Mac & Linux Review

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Pacific poker is one of the oldest and premier gaming companies in the world. It is a part of Gibraltar based Cassava Enterprises which is operated by Casino-on-net. During the past one year there has been a tremendous growth in pacific poker business. Pacific Poker’s parent 888 has been around for a long time they also have the biggest online casino room.It draw players from world wide region and that is why they offer different language support like Swedish, German, Italian followed by English. It has become the most desired poker room for many Texas holdem poker players because the skilled and tight players can earn good and fast cash from pacific poker tables.

Pacific Poker’s software is mediocre at best, the software is slow, graphics are dull and they don’t let you play at multiple tables at the same time. However, they have done quite a bit to improve the software in 2005 but it will take some more time before they start competing with the big guys like Party and Pokerstars. They also provide Macintosh compatible no download version of their software. They have also provided an attractive flash tutorial for the players who are interested in learning Texas holdem poker.

When we put a close eye on the traffic it is around 1900 to 2400 real money ring game players at peak hours and majority of players opt for Texas holdem table and remaining players concentrate on Omaha hi/lo and 7 card stud hi. There has been a consistent growth in the tournament traffic as well and there are about 3900 to 4400 real money players during peak hours.

Pacific poker offers a great signup bonus of 25% up to $100 and the best thing about them is they immediately credit your account so that you can start playing games and poker tournaments which is very rarely seen in other top poker rooms. They also throw some free roll tournaments, satellites and guaranteed prize pool tournaments which can be seen via our poker tournaments section. Interestingly you can also win a seat at their weekly $200,000 mega tournament through a freeroll.

Their support leaves a lot to be desired and while they do have a phone and e-mail support it only helps if your questions are basic, they don’t have a very knowledgeable support team which makes it very difficult if you have a complex issue to resolve.
So with all these issues why even play there you ask? Well it’s because the competition on the site is really soft, especially at the lower limit tables.

Their rake is higher than industry standard which is obviously not a very good thing. Payment options are standard, however they say they need 5 days to process the cash out which is quite ridiculous really, to be fair to them though, they rarely take 5 days to process it and in most cases you should receive your money much sooner.

August 14, 2007

William Hill Poker Room To Relocate.

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U.K new Gambling advertising rules have create a great huss and phuss among the online gambling companies. William Hill poker room is is all seto to leave their business from Dutch Antilles to UK Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, an EEA territory, already hosts Ladbroke’s online gambling operation, as well as those of 888.com and PartyGaming. But so far, only the Isle of Man and Alderney have made the Government’s white list…”

August 6, 2007

California Could Legalize Online Poker Next Year.

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It could be a very good news for those people living in California state, who play online poker regularly. If every thing goes on well and the petition is once filed you could see California stepping into online poker business next year.

An initiative to create a state owned local Internet poker game, drew attention on Tuesday from the existing gambling community including Indian casino tribes and support from independent experts.Let us see if things work out.

California is one of the biggest state that contributes half of the online gambling revenues in U.S and it could be a profitable business and revenue driving source for the local Government.

July 25, 2007

Neteller Do Not Accept Israeli Money Transfers.

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According to a press released by Neteller last week, they won’t accept any gaming transaction from the israeli customers. The reason for this action is due to recent legislation development in israel on online gaming.

The neteller stops payment processing to israeli’s with the effect of July 19th and continue to offer payment services to non gaming transactions.

September 10, 2006

Pkr 3D Poker Review

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Hi Guys, Today I am going to post a review for newly launched poker room which is also knows as 3d poker room yes, it is Pkr poker room. Pkr 3d poker room was recenlty launched to public in August. Jez San is the founder and president of pkr. Jez plays online poker regularly along with his friends and thought that internet poker lacks some features in poker software.

Jez thought that people are playing poker at party poker , poker stars and other poker rooms,where the software’s are very much similiar and playing atmoshphere is also the same. He wanted to give some additional features in poker software’s which brought 3d poker in the world of poker industry.

Pkrpoker room has got some tremendous features which other poker rooms lacks. At pkr, the players can clap, their body language speaks they can blink eyes they can also cutomize there avatars and they can even cry :). So you can imagine how realistic this poker software is.

Looking at pkr poker traffic, its not a good news for americans as pkr poker had postponed there real money lauch in United States. They may accepts real money players after some time, this is due to problems caused by online gambling bill in house.

Enjoy yourself playing poker at pkr. See you at tables. All the best.

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